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Mobile App Design

Season Brand Book

Weatherproof Vintage

I N D U S T R Y : Fashion
R O L E : Creative Direction & Design
D E L I V E R A B L E S : Tablet App Design, Animatio

H I G H L I G H T : Bringing life into a print book with technology

The Weatherproof Vintage Collection is a new approach to men’s and women’s sportswear with an “Outdoors Meets Denim” aesthetic. Effortlessly designed and styled in NYC, it personifies classic American sportswear with a denim twist.

Weatherproof Vintage wanted to expand their brand presence into the world of mobile apps with an interactive gift for the fashion industry executives. Working with the brand’s creative director, I transformed the brand book into a kindle fire app with unique functionality with interactive and video content.

The key was to take the printed brand book as a base and build on it with interactive elements instead of changing its core. I accomplished this by adding details that were not included in print, such as functional features of garments, sustainability and environmental impact information, cinemagraph animations, and videos.

The app was pre-loaded on kindle fire devices and sent to key stakeholders and executives and was very well received. The interactive brand book lead to an increase of 25% in viewership with an increase in sales and brand exposure.


Creative Director


Lumens was our go-to, to lead the brand book mobile app.

Our need for a Weatherproof®Vintage app was necessary to raise awareness among our vendors/customers. Lumens was our go-to, to lead this project, she understood the needs of our brand. She developed an app that displayed the breadth of the collections offer and identified key pieces to highlight that showed value. This in turn lead to an increase of 25% viewership with more stores placing orders, and raising Weatherproof®Vintage profile with our vendors.  

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