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I N D U S T R Y : Healthcare & Media
R O L E : Creative Direction & Design
D E L I V E R A B L E S : Website Design, UI/UX, Brand Identity System, Brand Story, Marketing, Video & Animation

H I G H L I G H T : Seeing the power of design in how the brand flourished with a human centered brand story

Aptus Health

Tomorrow Networks

Brand Design   •   Web Design   •   UI Design

Prior to being acquired by Web MD, Tomorrow Networks, part of Aptus Health, was the leading provider of location-based, data-driven mobile advertising solutions for health and lifestyle brands. With the addition of wellness lifestyles to its portfolio of established pharmaceutical channels, Tomorrow Networks needed a new website. The first step was identifying the challenges with creative workshops with the company leadership.

First, the brand needed a full update. The current look was out of date and stuffy. There was no unique brand story to set the brand apart. Part of the update had to expand the story to include the new lifestyle audience. The existing website was not mobile responsive. The content was overly complex and dense, overwhelming to the user. While adding the new audience, we also had to cut down, reorganize and simplify the written content on the site. We established a new content architecture and worked with the GM to write copy to support the new setup. We developed a new brand story that focused on the people the brand reached.

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