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I N D U S T R Y : Healthcare
R O L E : Graphic Design
D E L I V E R A B L E S : Marketing Design, Presentation Design, Print Design, Illustration

H I G H L I G H T: Using design to help families going through a difficult journey


Brand Marketing

Brand Idendity Design   •   Print Design   •   Presentation Design

Equip is transforming the landscape of eating disorder treatment. The 100% virtual, evidence-based treatment model makes recovery possible for everyone affected by an eating disorder.

The opportunity to work with Equip is a direct result of our success work with Genoa Telepsychiatry. After working directly the Head of Marketing, when she moved over to Equip, she extended the offer to come on board at Equip. As someone who has seen first hand the challenges of eating disorders in a family member, Lumens founder Serra felt a personal connection to the work at Equip.

During the two years, we worked with the Brand Marketing in leading design projects, the company expanded and was recently named as one of the TIME 100 Most Influential Companies 2023.

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