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Brand Design   •   Content Creation   •   Digital Marketing

Gatsby Fridays Podcast

I N D U S T R Y : Media & Broadcasting
R O L E : Creative Direction, Design, Content Creation
D E L I V E R A B L E S : Brand Identity System, Copywriting, Social Media, Photo & Video Production

H I G H L I G H T : Full creative freedom

We are a big fan of passion projects. They create opportunity to bring to life the inspirations, cultural details that we collect as curious creators. Gatsby Fridays was born out of two creative directors’ search for a discussion around how to live a fully engaged and productive creative life, Lumens founder Serra Semi and co-host Alex Chimilio.

The show's mission is to provide inspiration and guidance to those looking to evolve into the kind of person whose voice matters. We cover subjects we are passionate about from challenges of creatives, design career advice, pop culture, books and movies and more. We write the episode scripts and plan the season together and split the production work.

With Gatsby Fridays, we had the opportunity to bring our creative vision to life in its full potency. Graphics connect to the viewer with established perceptions of Art Deco and the Gatsby era combined with an explosion of botanicals that resonate with breaking out of our shells with the conversations we carry on in the podcast. Bringing out the beauty in being curious, asking and reflecting, in growth. The layered graphic system I established can be expanded in infinite combinations across all design channels over multiple seasons. The show published over 50 episodes in 4 seasons and t about to kick off a 5th season.

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