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Marketing Design


Uber of private flights, Volair needed a complete brand positioning from logo and brand story and a website. For Volair, the challenge was to avoid resembling an airline and inspire luxury.
After a briefing and a brainstorming with the client, I start every branding project with a Mood Board presentation. Exploring three unique directions covers a wide array and instills confidence in the client in making decisions to move forward. We decided to focus on striking photography to inspire awe and not fall into the pit of simple perks of the private flights like the welcome champagne.
Client enthusiasticaly selected the Classic black and white photography with subtle metallic touches to articulate the premium aspect of Volair and speak to an exclusive audience. .
As a result of countless logo sketches, we saw an opportunity to focus on V and A in Volair to represent a direction in travel, suggesting that Volair is an agent to get you there and back. Assigning the meaning to V and A in this way, we were able to stay away from splitting the word into two and falling into the trap of being mistaken for an airline.

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